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New Beginnings Life Center was established in December 2005. NBLC teamed with Child Protective Services, Department of Education and Division of Children Services to provide emergency support for clients with Developmental Disabilities throughout the state. Networking with many local agencies, NBLC became the provider for many at-risk children and their families in their transition from the state hospital to community settings.
Due to New Beginnings success with some of the more intensely behaviorally-challenged, the company built a reputation for not shying away from individuals with dual diagnoses, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, aggressive behavior and/or other highly-challenging needs. The majority of these individuals had been physically abused, neglected and/or abandoned.
In 2012, New Beginnings Life Center . (NBLC) was established as a subsidiary of NBIOM. Founders, Christopher Thorpe (CEO) recognized the need to diversify services based on significant issues noted while working with local school systems and state facilities. Like its sister agency, NBLC specialize in service delivery for individuals with developmental delays, substance use issues, severe mental illness and dual diagnosis.
In 2013, New Beginnings Life Center became a Medicaid  provider.  NBLCSS has strong relationships throughout the state with community agencies including local school systems, probation and Recovery works Currently, NBLCSS is a provider of Recovery works through out the state of Indiana.
The company has been approved to provide;Medicaid Transportation, Home Based Therapy, Home Based Case Management, Home Maker / Parent Aide, Substance Abuse Treatment, Substance Use Disorder Assessments, Random Screens, Parenting /Family Function Assessments, Parent Education, Services by the Department of Social Services. New Beginnings provides Medicaid services throughout the state.
To date, NBLCSS has serviced over 3000  families in Regions 1, 2,and10. NBLCSS has sites in Gary, Indianapolis, Indiana.
New Beginnings Life Center continues the task to successfully facilitate the achievement of life goals for individual and families regardless of their personal challenges. 

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E-mail: NewBeginnings@nblcs.net

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